The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.

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David Asprey, empresario e "ex-diet addict" (viciado em dietas, se assim se pode dizer) lançou seu "método de emagrecimento" em 2014. Parece que o mesmo tem sucesso nos EUA.

Com um mercado tão promissor: valorização da magreza, o corpo sarado, a culpa dos que não são dietéticamente corretos, e a "teimosa" crença humana de que tudo é milagre ou se consegue com a "varinha magica",etc, etc, etc., quem não quer faturar com um "regiminho"?

The Bulletproof Diet, consite basicamente em adicionar 2 colheres de sopa de manteiga no café da manhã e gordura às outras refeições.

Lançamento estratégico, "storytelling, produtos derivados...parece que o método compete com outros duvidosos como o Dunkan e Montignac, por exemplo.

Deixo vocês descubrirem os 14 passos do tal regime. Alguma semelhança ? O mesmo do mesmo "revisitado" ? Ou mera coincidência com os outros tantos regimes que constam no "mercado".

Enjoy it if you can! I can't!

Paris, 19 de outubro de 2015.

Profa. Dra. Juliana T. Grazini dos Santos (com teclado francês, sem alguns sinais graficos da lingua portuguesa).

"14 Steps To Eating The Bulletproof Diet

1. Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave) .

2. Replace the sugar calories with healthy fats from the Bulletproof Diet such as grass-fed butter, ghee, Brain Octane™, Upgraded™ XCT oil, or coconut oil.

3. Eliminate gluten in any shape or form. This includes bread, cereal, and pasta. Do not make the mistake of resorting to gluten free junk food, which can be almost as bad.

4. Remove grains, grain derived oils, and vegetable oils such as corn, soy, and canola. Also remove unstable polyunsaturated oils such as walnut, flax, and peanut oil.

5. Eliminate all synthetic additives, colorings, and flavorings. This includes aspartame, MSG, dyes, and artificial flavorings.

6. Eat significant amounts of pastured, grass-fed meat from big ruminant animals such as beef, lamb, and bison. Pair this with fish, eggs, and shellfish.

7. Eliminate legumes such as peanuts, beans, and lentils. If you must have your beans, soak, sprout (or ferment), and cook them.

8. Remove all processed, homogenized, and pasteurized dairy. High fat items can be pasteurized, but they should be grass-fed. Full fat, raw, whole dairy from grass-fed cows is okay for most people.

9. Switch to grass-fed meat and wild caught seafood. Eat pastured eggs and some pork, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

10. Switch to organic fruits and vegetables. This is more important for some plants than others. See this site for details.

11. Cook your food gently, if at all. Incorporate water into your cooking whenever possible and use low temperatures. Do not use a microwave or fry.

12. Limit fruit consumption to 1-2 servings per day. Favor low fructose containing fruits like berries and lemons over watermelon and apples.

13. Add spices and other flavorings from the Bulletproof Diet. Favor herb based spices such as thyme and rosemary over powders. Use high quality ones, recently opened.

14. Enjoy your food.

Key Points

  • If you have to have some form of cheat/junk/fake food, have it, and don’t act like you’re “off the wagon”. The more you venture from the Bulletproof Diet, the less you’ll benefit. The more you stick to the Bulletproof Diet, well, the more Bulletproof you’ll be. Small variations are fine and do not constitute failure.
  • If you experience allergies, acne, or other negative effects after consuming dairy, switch to ghee as your only dairy, and eat some coconut oil and animal fat too.
  • Do not count calories in an attempt to lose weight. Eat until satiety and then stop.
  • Try not to snack. Bulletproof intermittent fasting is encouraged, though not mandatory.
  • Limit fruit consumption to 1-2 servings per day to avoid high triglycerides. There are other reasons to limit fruit consumption, but it won’t kill you.
  • High healthy fat intake is optimal. General ranges are 50-80 percent fat, 5-30 percent carbohydrate, and 10-30 percent protein.
  • Eat as little polyunsaturated fat as you can. Supplement with fish oil or krill oil if you don’t consume fatty cold water fish like salmon on a weekly basis.
  • If you can’t find grass-fed meat, choose the leanest cuts of grain-fed meat possible. If you can find grass-fed meat – choose the fattiest cuts possible.
  • “I don’t have time” is not an excuse. Nourishing your mind and body is not optional. Anyone can make soft boiled eggs and Bulletproof Coffee.

If you do this mostly right, you’ll set yourself up for a low inflammation, high performance, high energy lifestyle. If you don’t make time to take care of yourself now – you’ll have to make time to be sick later. Eat Bulletproof. Be Bulletproof.

And if you want to learn more about the science behind why the Bulletproof Diet has worked so well for so many people, pick up a copy of the new Bulletproof Diet book here!"

The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.
The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.
The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.
The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.
The Bulletproof Diet: o mesmo do mesmo.
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